Release Party: Two Thousand Years by M. Dalto

December 10, 2018, Author: Kristin Jacques


The Empire is here!

Tomorrow, 12.11.18 marks the release of Two Thousand Years, an award winning NA fantasy novel from pub sister and fellow valkyrie M. Dalto.

We are celebrating with a Virtual Release Party, hosted via Facebook, with a collective of chill authors, book talk, games, prizes, swag, and more. It’s an all day affair from 9 AM to 9 PM EST.

But first! As a small treat for you, we have a quick informal interview with M. Dalto!

What was your initial inspiration for your novel, the seed that sprouted into Two Thousand Years?

TWO THOUSAND YEARS was the brain child that sprouted to life after hearing Billy Joel’s song of the same name a long time ago. There was something within the lyrics that just called to me, telling me that a story needed to be written from them. It just took me a little while to find the personal motivation to actually do it.

If your characters entered into a battle royale, who would come out alive? Who would break the rules? Who would cheat?

Reylor would probably be the one to come out alive, but only because he broke the rules and cheated. Because that’s what he does… breaks rules. Cheats. Destroys…

If someone wrote a Fanfiction AU of Two Thousand Years, what setting would you love to see your characters tossed in? (ei; High School, Zombie Apocalypse)

That’s hard because TTY has a little bit of an AU feel to it already, but if we had to find something completely different I would love to see them in some Dystopian, Hunger Games crossover…

They say pets reflect their owners personalities (sometimes secret aspects of their personalities) What pet would your pair with three of your characters?

Treyan would probably keep a cat. Alex I could see having a bunny. Reylor? A hedgehog.

Pretty much. Spiny on the outside, so cuddly on the inside.

What can readers expect from the Empire in the coming year (or two?)

2019 will bring great things for the Empire! The winter will have the release of the first two companion novellas, REYLOR’S LAMENT and TREYAN’S PROMISE, and then it’s reported that Book 2 may be coming out later next year but you didn’t hear it from me… ?