Fav Reads of 2017

December 30, 2017, Author: Kristin Jacques

Somehow I read about 53 books this year. I know, shocker. Actually, this is about average for me. I do heavy reading in spurts, and usually I read to escape/ rest my brain. I also reread a lot, either because my sieve like memory forgets things or because I loved the story so much I […]


2018 Writing Plans: How we gonna torture ourselves this year?

December 19, 2017, Author: Kristin Jacques

The Year is Ending 2017 is rapidly winding down. (Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.) In the spirit of the approaching New Year, it is time to set impossibly lofty writing goals for myself that I can weep over when next December rolls around. This year, I totally […]


Support an Author!

December 14, 2017, Author: Kristin Jacques

I can’t support this tweet enough.   The holiday season can be tight for many reasons. Unexpected expenses pop up, you always seem to spend more than you mean to, and something in the house always seems to sputter out. The spirit of generosity is a beautiful thing, but generosity does not have to mean […]


How I Found My Tribe Through Serial Writing

December 8, 2017, Author: Kristin Jacques

Why serials?   It’s not the advent of the internet invented serial fiction. On the contrary, it was pretty common to serialize a novel throughout the 1800’s. Dickens made a career from serializing his work. Somewhere along the way, with the rise of publishing houses, releasing a work all in one go with bare minimum […]