2018 Writing Plans: How we gonna torture ourselves this year?

December 19, 2017, Author: Kristin Jacques

The Year is Ending

2017 is rapidly winding down. (Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.)

In the spirit of the approaching New Year, it is time to set impossibly lofty writing goals for myself that I can weep over when next December rolls around.

This year, I totally set myself up for failure. I started with a simple goal of finishing 2 Works in Progress. I did finish Ragnarok Unwound in early March and then the year went to hell in a handbasket. That is not to say the year was a total wash. I may very well meet that goal or come damn close to it as I pound my way through Edgewise. But I also wrote over 30 short stories this year, ranging from from 2k to 10k in word length, and four published anthology stories. That’s a lot of writing. I whack myself upside the head with that in my next existential funk. *Pats self on back*

I also did a massive overhaul of my social media and website. I learned how to do things with minimal whining. I’m still learning and growing in my knowledge base on how to do a thing. With the new year coming on in less than two weeks, it’s time to plan what I shall be tackling in 2018.


These are the must happens, and I hope (hahahahahah) to reach this goals early in the year.

Priority #1


It’s write or die time! If I don’t make that end of the year goal, I am going to continue plowing on until I can type ‘The End’.

Priority #2

Happy Little Accidents

In 2016 I published Zombies vs Aliens with a small press. That imploded a month later. It happens. I then self published the book with absolutely no know how or plan. Now comes the reckoning. My anthology publishing taught me A LOT about promotion. I plan to continue on with book 2 and 3 in the new year.

Priority #3

Marrow Charm -The Rewrite

I am halfway through penning Blood Magic and seeing what I need to fix in book one is messing me up. I want to finish book 2 to stand back and make sense of the picture as a whole and then tear into it like a box of zebra cakes.

Theses three have pretty much consumed my existence for the past two years and it looks like a third year is in their future. But for the first time I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Passion Projects:

This is what I want to tackle in the new year. Putting these on the back burner has been necessary to my sanity but hoo boy are they tempting.



Miss Elderberry’s Academy of Etiquette and Monster Slaying


This was my Nanowrimo 2017 project, and I am still really excited for it, but other projects come first. I still can’t wait to tackle my first YA Historical Fantasy with brave girls in petticoats, not so imaginary monsters, and turn of the century science.




This story has been marinating in my head for nearly five years. It is a YA contemporary fantasy I’ve been itching to tell. A dripping city under the Hudson river, dark aquatic creatures, all centered on a tale of two sisters. It’s happening baby. It’s happening. 


And that is all I dare entertain. Maybe. If I can shut off my brain. Do you have goals for the coming new year? Tell meh!