Release Day: Ragnarok Unwound

January 8, 2019, Author: Kristin Jacques

My first book baby of 2019 has been unleashed!!

I have been a raging ball of anxiety and excitement all week.

Today has been quite the thrill ride, and I am still riding this promo train into the sunset. I’ve been tweeting, posting, flossing, and book blasting since I rolled out of bed this morning only to realize I haven’t written my own dang blog about it XD

So after all that blitz madness, what is there left to write? Well to start…

Thank you

Thank you to the readers, fellow authors, and those who support the writing community who helped make this day amazing and wonderfully overwhelming. I did a great deal of nail biting but my publisher has been a champ. Thank you to the ladies of the #Wattpad4 who hosted my Monday night chat/interview/launch party and let me get my mythology geek on. Thank you to my Wattchicks and Fellow Valkyries, who listened to my flustered rants.

It takes a community to raise a book baby.


Now for some fun stuff:

There are currently two international giveaways live for a signed copy of Ragnarok Unwound! The first giveaway, via the #wattpad4 chat, ends very soon, so hop on and enter before it ends: Enter Here!

The Second Giveaway lasts into next week through Rockstar’s Release Blitz Blog Tour. You can find any number of them on the tweeter sporting this here banner:

BUT for convenience you can also pop in here for a free excerpt of Chapter 1 and link to the rafflecopter: Enter Here!  

More giveaways will be rolling out soon. In the mean time, if you read and loved Ragnarok Unwound, please consider leaving it a review on Goodreads or Amazon!