An Interview with Heather Kindt

August 21, 2019, Author: Kristin Jacques
Heather Kindt is the author of The Weaver, book one in the Weaver Trilogy was released Tuesday 8/20/19 from Parliament House Press

Tell us a little bit about your writing journey.

Back in 2008, I completed my master’s degree in teaching reading. I always seemed to do well on my papers. At the same time, I devoured the Twilight series. The combination of these two things made me think that I could create my own world through my writing. This was when The Weaver was born. I sent a query letter into multiple agents, but in the end, that book, and my second book, Ruby Slips and Poker Chips ended up sitting on my computer for over eight years. In 2017, I saw an ad on Facebook for a writing contest. I was headed out of town with my family, so I combed over one of my chapters for Ruby Slips and sent it in on a whim. That whim turned into me winning the contest and having help to self-publish my work. Six months later, I entered The Weaver into Pitmad and found two interested publishers. I loved the Parliament House website, so I ultimately decided to publish through them.

What inspired the Weaver?

I don’t remember exactly why I decided to have Laney’s characters come out of her books (this was long before I read Inkheart), but there is a lot of inspiration from my own life that shows up in The Weaver. Laney grows up in Derry, New Hampshire. I lived more on the outskirts while Laney lives on the main street downtown. The college Laney goes to is based off my alma mater, Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. The details I use to describe the campus are my memories – the path in the forest, the pond, the ropes course, the dining hall, the dorm I lived in, the castle building, the quad where Jason plays lacrosse (we didn’t have a football team, but we had a lacrosse team), Singing Sands beach, Rockport, Saugus, Manchester-by-the Sea and I’m sure there’s a lot more. I also incorporated the history of the Revolutionary War and colonial times. I wanted to write a fantasy like Twilight, just minus the vampires.

If your characters were set in an Alternate Universe Fanfiction, what would be your least unexpected setting and genre to see them in?

This is a funny question because later in the trilogy, my characters actually get put into other genres, but I’d have to say some type of futuristic genre like a space odyssey or LitRPG. William and Jonas are from the past and Laney has an old soul. Erotica would also be an area of bad taste for them.

If your characters were on a sinking cruise ship, who would be the first on the lifeboats? Who would nearly drown going down with the ship? Who would Macguyver together a raft out of spare parts?

Ha! Missy would need to find the most comfortable seat on the lifeboat. If it came to Laney’s safety, William would go down with the ship. As far as putting together a raft out of spare parts, I’d have to say Laney. She always wants to find a way to save everybody.

The Sorting Hat has arrived. What are your main characters’ houses and why?

I have to answer this question without giving any spoilers. Right now, I think Laney would be in Hufflepuff. Unlike you, I know Laney’s character arc, so this might change. Right now, she’s loyal and kind. She values others’ feelings over her own. William would be in Gryffindor. He is the epitome of bravery and chivelry. Both in the book world and in Laney’s world, he puts others before himself. Jason would also be a Hufflepuff. He loves being a captain on the Madison lacrosse team and works hard not to hurt his girlfriend’s feelings. Jonas is a Slytherian. As an Ender, he knows what he wants and is determined to get it.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to tease us about?

Currently, the Parliament House has picked up all three books in the Weaver Trilogy. The next two books are called The Watcher and The Ender. I’m working on the second book in a new series. The first book is called The Green Door and the second book is called The Red Door. It’s about a group of friends in desperate need of the prize money who decide to play a dangerous game. It’s a coming-of-age fantasy.

The Weaver is now Available where most books are sold!