Write Mentor 2020!

March 23, 2020, Author: Kristin Jacques

These be wild times! However, the glory of the internet allows us to still do some pretty great stuff. That includes #Writermentor!

Greetings potential mentees! I hope you are ready as I am to embark on a spring and summer writing adventure.

Tidbits about me

I live in the suburban wastelands of Connecticut, on the No Man’s Land eastern half of the state, where the Starbucks are few and far between and the weekend gamblers roam the highways, looking for slot machines. Everything smells of nutmeg. All hail the spice.
My sense of humor is on the weird and dark side.
I have two kiddos on spectrum, and two trash goblins masquerading as cats. I spend a lot of time reading, juggling a never ending to do list, and stalking the elusive nap.
To date, I have written several short pieces for various anthologies, serialized fiction, and this past year I published two novels; Ragnarok Unwound, an offbeat comic mythological mashup, and Marrow Charm, a dark, twisty YA Fantasy.
This year, I signed a historical paranormal mannerpunk series with City Owl Press.
You can usually find me on the Tweeter or hearting all the bookish posts on Instagram.
Now onto serious business!

My Wish List

This year, I am taking on YA. While I love MG, I feel I can offer a better set of editing skills to a YA novel than a MG novel.

  1. The Wide Speculative Fiction Umbrella: I am open to Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Horror, and every subgenre in between.
    Bring your fantastical, magical worlds, galaxies, and dimensions. I am very open to the quirk, the weird, and the offbeat. From Lovecraftian horror, to Pratchett-esque fantastical, and Stranger Things sci fi, send it my way. If you have a wild west story with Fairies and Dragons, or a historical ghost story with portals to 28th Century Europe, I am here for it.
  2. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads: Not only am I open to the great spectrum of time periods, I am also open to time travel, especially through unconventional means. If you give me a well tread trope with a fresh twist, I will be all over it like leftover birthday cake.
  3. Oh no, there is only one bed at the inn: Speaking of Tropes, romance is not a deal breaker for me, be it the focus of your story, or the subplot, but, if your romantic element is a subplot or main focus, it must make sense in the confines of the story. Open to LGBTQ!
  4. The Shoe Doesn’t Fit: What I am NOT a good fit for: General Contemporary, Love Triangles, machismo plots, abuse/ self harm plot-lines, Smut in disguise (I love smut, but if your story has a deluge of sexy scenes, it probably shouldn’t be YA), Rape/ Rape as empowerment.

My Mentoring Style

I believe in a combination of constructive criticism and complimentary comments. I will absolutely tell you what is working in your piece, and where it needs improvement. If you are my mentee, I 100% believe in your work and I want to help you make your story as ready to rumble as possible.
I will work through to 2 to 3 rounds of edits with you, depending on your comfort level with your story. I will help you tackle everything from plot cohesion to character development. I have an eye for fine detail and will help you create a strong, consistent piece.
I am open to communication via email and phone, and I have a personal discord set up for more immediate conversation.
Good luck, potentials! I look forward to reading your manuscript!

Are you submitting to #WriteMentor?

Leave me a comment below! Here is the General FYI:

Applications open on the 15th and remain open until 11.59pm GMT on 17th April.
– You will need to have a completed manuscript.
– You will need to send us a query letter, 1st chapter (double-spaced, 12″ TNR), and 1-page synopsis (single-spaced) along with your application, so ensure these are as good as they can be. The first chapter should be no more than 3,000 words.
– For Picture Books, please send the full text. Illustrations are not needed, but illustrator notes are fine.
– You can apply to 3 mentors. So be sure to research them thoroughly and chat to them during our Twitter Mentor chat week, starting 6th April.
– It is 1 application (1 novel) per person.

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    hi kristin, thanks for being a mentor! my novel is definitely sub-genre-y... it's fantasy in that it's set in a world that's not ours, but there's no explicit magic in it. it's more about the philosophy of the place (with plenty of adventure and a splash of bloodshed thrown in). Does that sound like something that might be a good fit for you? I'm trying to do my homework before application season!

    Charlie wilson

    April 7, 2020 Reply
    • avatar image
      Hi Charlie! This is absolutely something I would look into. I do love high energy stories and this hint of philosophy is definitely intriguing. If you do choose to sub me, I look forward to reading it!

      Kristin Jacques

      April 7, 2020 Reply
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    Hi Kristin! Thank you so much for being a mentor! I have an upper YA fantasy with light sci-fi elements (Divergent meets Game of Thrones) but leaning more towards high(ish) fantasy with multiple POVs. Some light romance in the subplot. I'm not sure it fits your wishlist - would this be something you'd be open to? Thank you!


    April 13, 2020 Reply
    • avatar image
      Hi Sarah! I am a big fan of genre blending and I am curious if this comparison means there will be some interesting faction politics in play. I am definitely open to taking a look at it!

      Kristin Jacques

      April 13, 2020 Reply