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Rockin’ & Rollin’ July

July 15, 2020, Author: Kristin Jacques

Ah what a long strange spiral this year has been. Here we are at long last into the long summer months. Up here in ye old Connecticut, things have settled enough for us to attempt such activities as summer camp and in person extended school year with tons of provisions. We are hanging in there and adjusting to another wildly different schedule. But it’s cool. We totally got a handle on this pandemic thing…

Now onto business!

I still find myself knee deep in edits. The edits will never end. I will be editing until I die. On the upside, some fun stuff kicks off next week. Or is already happening because I am appallingly bad at updating 😀

So aside from edit-hell, I’ve been working behind the scenes on building up my newsletter and a couple other author oriented platforms to help with book stuff. This means heckin’ lots of promo, giveaways and other fun, free goodies. The giveaways below are a good way to not only sign up for my monthly newsletter and my bookbub profile, but to grab some freebies and find a whole bunch of new authors to love.

Some Giveaways Happening Now

The Readsy Deals Jamboree Bookfest:

C.L. Cannon’s July BookBub Giveaway:

Fantastic Young Adult Fiction Summer Giveaway:


On a more personal front, next week kicks off the Marrow Charm Audiobook tour, hosted by Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour will run from July 21st to the 27th with 15 stops along the way. Check out more information here on Audiobookworm

And last but certainly not least, I will be interviewed live by Author Beth Worsdell via Facebook Live on July 23rd, 3pm PDT, 6pm EST. Come, see us chat about books and such while I consciously count how many um’s slip out of my mouth! For reals though, it’s gonna be great!