31 Days of Author Madness: Leigh W. Stuart

March 1, 2018, Author: Kristin Jacques

The Fiver 1. What is your writing process? My process is currently up in the air, but I’ve always flirted with some form or other of outlining. Sometimes, I’ll jot a couple pages of notes, other times, I’ll fill half a notebook of chapter/scenes to do. No matter what, though, I always know the ending […]


31 Days of Author Madness: A Month Long Event

February 28, 2018, Author: Kristin Jacques

February was a quiet month, between sickness and catch up, I have not been blogging much but that does not mean I haven’t been busy. Oh no, my friend, oh no. Nothing says from zero to sixty like a month long event! That is why I am pleased to finally announce 31 Days of Author […]