February Blues

February 14, 2018, Author: Kristin Jacques

This month started with such promise ….


Until I became a flu-ridden, wheezing, clammy mouth breather.


Welcome to the wonders of Winter, where your children are walking petri dishes and life likes to taken sudden unexpected pivots into waiting ditches. I’ve spent the last solid week and a half laid under hard, first by a round of flu (that flu shot only has so much effectiveness against the cesspool that is two hyperactive boys)

Parenting two younger kids leaves little room for rest and recuperation. I did what I could but there were snow days, and their own bouts of icky sicks that had to be taken care of. Of course kids bounce back faster than dandelions. While myself, wheezing along, get hit by the second wave this weekend and landed in the health center yesterday with a raging case of bronchitis.


Now on a high octane cocktail of antibiotics, I am slowly starting to feel like me again.

Still a mouth breather though.


This was not the way I planned to spend my Valentine’s day with my lovely ones but pffft life.

So now that the hurdle of illness is being flopped over ( I am beauty, I am grace) I find myself behind my February writing goals. It’s enough to make a grown man cry. What do you do when you find yourself dragging so far behind the goal post is a distant taunting mark? It is very tempting to sit in the corner and cry for a while but what could does that do you.

Advice Time

This is advice I give to myself and anyone who finds themselves in the same situation:


Give yourself an adjustment period. Life happens. It certainly happens when we demand it not to.


Cut yourself some slack, set reasonable goals (especially if you are in recovery mode like I am), come back in small chunks instead of trying to rush a catch up. Your mental health will thank you for the careful pacing.


Speaking of—> This is an important message any day but especially today, because Valentine’s day is about all kinds of love, including self love. Your health comes first. A rested and healthy brain is a creative brain. Take care of your body and mind first. It seems like the most obvious message and it’s the one that goes right out the window at every deadline.

Now, onto bigger and better things.

I have two smaller deadlines this month and one big deadline. Exciting things are in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them all with you!! Stay tuned!