31 Days of Author Madness: Debra Goelz

March 21, 2018, Author: Kristin Jacques

The Fiver:

1. What is your writing process?

I have gone into detail about my writing process in my description of how I wrote the story Red Snow. Essentially I am a believer in “Save the Cat.” So I begin with a theme. Usually something emotionally important to me. Then figure out which characters could help me tell the story best. Here’s the link to find out more.

2. What inspires you to write?

I write to say something I consider important. I write to entertain. Inspiration comes from being in the world. Listening to the news. Paying attention to what people say. Brainstorming ideas with other writers. Or just watching the way the sun dips beneath the horizon—an everyday occurrence that is nonetheless a miracle. Life is inspiration.

3. Writing is considered a dream job by many, but what if you were granted the opportunity for a true, magical ‘dream job’. What would it be and why?

Professional vacationer? Does that count? Unlimited massage, cocktails, and silence so I can write.

4. You are standing on a stage, addressing a high school auditorium of teenage creative writers. What advice would you impart to them about the craft and the career path of being a writer?

I started writing many years ago. And I thought, mistakenly, that it didn’t count if it wasn’t “literary.” So I began work on a very depressing novel. Eventually I gave up because I could barely make myself sit down at the computer and face the darkness.

Then about 8 years ago I had a bad accident and surgery and ended up in bed for a while. I decided it might be a good idea to get back to writing. But this time I thought—”why not write something I’d like to read?” Seems pretty obvious now!

So I here is my advice: write the story you wish was out there in the world. I guarantee there will be others who feel the same way and who will enjoy your story. Write your passion. Write to make the world a bit better. Write to make someone a little happier than she (or he) was before picking up your book.

5. You’re stranded in a snowed in cabin, well stocked up on food, but no internet. What is on your emergency book shelf?

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus’ Childhood Pal” by Christopher Moore. The Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” series. All the Harry Potter books. And a copy of every book I own written by a friend, because those are treasures.

Where to find her:


Snippet/ Teaser:

“All right. I’m ready,” I say.

He brushes my hair aside as gentle as a whisper. “You’re sure?”

“For goddesses’ sake—do it already!”

His fangs scrape my neck, then he licks me. I practically convulse and my hair sparks purple like it did that day on the beach when he kissed me the first time. When he sinks his fangs into me—

I go insane.

It feels so good, I want it to go on and on forever. The place where his fangs are piercing my neck is the center of my universe. It’s like pure energy and attraction.

I nuzzle closer to him. “Take more. Take more,” I think at him. “Please.”

After about two seconds he stops.

“No! What are you doing?”

“I said a couple of drops,” he says.

I tug on his shirt collar. “I’m pretty sure you’ll need more. Just to be safe.”

His fangs slowly retract. “Waverly, you have no idea how hard this is for me. More than anything, I want to drink your blood. I crave your blood. The very smell of you from all the way across campus drives me mad.”

“I smell?” I pout. “I shower regularly. And mermaids can’t help being part fish.”


I jump. “Yeah?”

“You smell amazing. Too amazing.”

Mermaids and the Vampires who Love Them by Debra Goelz


Any other news or updates you would like to share?

I am currently working on a story of love, Hollywood, and aliens called Alien Invasion: A Love Story. It’s available for free on Wattpad! Here’s the link!