A big fat update

May 19, 2018, Author: Kristin Jacques

Now, here I went and managed to post every day for the month of March and then go radio silent as all the stuff hits at once. I had every intention of doing an occasional detailed post about all the neat stuff happening right now but I’ve been burning the reserve midnight oil and some days I am just running on fumes and hope. 

Accidental radio silence, a common ailment of the busy writer, who prefers hermiting and light social interactions over food. You can always lure me out of the writing cave with the promise of food.



It’s been pretty much non stop work since sometime around mid January, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In many ways a good thing but most days, I have to flip a coin to see if I deserve a nap. What’s happened since the last time I saw you? Let’s break it down shall we? (Warning, there is a lot of media in this post, just stuffed full of pictures. I am a picture whore.)


April was hella busy:

The first of several anthology releases dropped. My story Hollow was included in the Carnival of Fear from Limitless Press. (Which is totes in my book links)

Zombies vs Aliens THE GAME released through Chapters Interactive Stories which you can find in the Google App store. That’s so wild I haven’t wrapped my head around it yet but I made pretty pretty promotional postcards, which I am giving away at a special event that will include a peak at the revamped cover for the novel which I am currently hacking away. Seeing the response to the game has been a roller coaster ride of emotion. I even snagged an author interview with the fantastic peeps at Chapters which you can read here.

I turned in my revisions for Ragnarok Unwound to my publisher. This is still sp surreal it hasn’t hit me yet. Probably won’t hit me until I am holding a physical copy of the book in my hand. Nearly three years ago, I penned the bulk of this story in a Nanowrimo blitz. Spent the next year finishing, and polishing. Thanks to #pitmad, I found a publisher for my little slice of mythological fantasy. Soon my mash up of Hawaiian and Norse mythology will become a true book baby. There is a tentative release date set for October 2018 but I shall keep you updated on that as we go.

All that happened last month. May has been chock full of more deadlines and writing blitzes. And also some health scares within the family (which thankfully didn’t turn out too horrible). When not slogging the children around to appts or doing a dozen other chores and errands, I’ve been writing. I also have another anthology release next week for Craving One Night.

It’s literally been one thing after another. I’ve been reminded by more than one peep to remember to stop and take a breath. Just this past week, I’ve turned in the edits for another anthology TBA soon while working on another two anthology shorts. Not to mention all the other little assignments. This year marks a big mile stone for me. With all my little assignments and anthologies and bigger tasks, I’ve slowly started to pull in an income using my writing. That is legit, a fantastic feeling. My path is winding and weird but I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. The rest of this month is one long grind. I have a long laundry list to accomplish in the next two weeks but the insanity will be worth it for a blessed weekend away.



The Bookcon in NYC, June 2nd and 3rd. I am going to get my author and reader geek on and possibly fangirl a few authors on the down low.

I am so freaking excited for this. I will be attending not only my first con, but my first author meet and greet through Wattpad. I have no idea what to expect, if anyone will bat an eyelash for one Krazydiamond but I decided to go for it and ordered my first promotional material, business cards and little postcards for the z vs a game. So I can hand out my very own swag! And hugs! It will be a whole weekend away, staying with a lovely fellow author friend in NYC while I get my geek on. There will be much fangirling and drinking!

My very first business card!

This promises to be a very busy and productive summer but I hope to drop in on occasion

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    I love all your work. You deserve every cookie in the jar. Have a great time at BookCon.

    Morgan Rider

    May 20, 2018 Reply