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Spring 2020- An Update!

May 19, 2020, Author: Kristin Jacques

It’s been a while since I managed to update the bloggo.

The Covid pandemic has created some strange times. It’s odd here, because things have drastically changed while remaining the same? My hubs still goes to work every day at the post office, but the kiddos are home so the drag and drain on time and energy has increased tenfold.

But, we keep on keeping on! My kids are healthy. We are healthy. We have a roof over our heads. We have food on the table. Things are exhausting, we are hanging in there.

SO what have I been up to aside from homeschooling my hooligans? I’ve chosen my mentee for #Writementor, who I am super excited to work with. (Thank you Cade for trusting me with your smol book child.)

I’ve started a new gig as the Blog Maven of Sword & Silk Books, an undertaking near and dear to my heart. After hitting goal with their kickstarter, they are in the process of kicking things into gear, setting up our infrastructure, and I am so excited to be along for the ride. I really love taking what I’ve learned and lived in the industry and applying it on a level that helps authors achieve their dreams, whether they are in house or not. The S & S blog currently posts Wed & Fri and I’ve only had mild panic attacks each time! Seriously, though, come check it out. We talk shop and get our book nerd on every week. –>

I’ve been banging my head on book 2 of the Gate Cycle. Sequels are so hard. I had such a mental picture of book 1 and book 3 but I knew molding book 2 into the shape I want/need it to be was going to be a challenge, but quarantine upped the difficulty about 400%. There have been ups and downs and doubts, but it’s slowly coming together. Yesterday I had an epiphany over an editorial suggestion while doing the dishes. We find inspiration at odd moments.

Edits for my chaotic bisexual vampire and confused cinnamon roll of a vampire hunter will hit my inbox soon. This is another series I am excited to work on.

I am trying to find my joy to write again. This quarantine, aside from edits, edits, edits, I haven’t produced much in the way of new content. My goal for May/June is to fix that. There are some things I am quietly tinkering away on. Will update soon.

Now for some fun stuff! I am currently participating in Michelle A. Bailey’s Spring Bookbub Builder Giveaway! The grand prize is a $300 Amazon gift card. Bookbub, if you haven’t heard of it, an a rather awesome site that keeps readers informed of discounts, sales, and freebies in their favorite genres, as well as new releases from their fav authors. I swear by it as an author and reader. Bookbub has kept my kindle well stuffed for the last couple years.

Drop in here to enter for a chance to win and find some new favorite authors to boot!